Susan Cabeceiras Founder & CEO
Diogo Rosa Project & Team Leader
Margarida Rebordão Sales & Business Manager
Carla Pestana Financial Director
Bárbara Cotovio Fire & Safety Coordinator
Eliana Atuesta Environment & Industry Coordinator
Ana Sofia Manteigueiro Project Manager
Manuel Guerra Architect
Filipa Moura Architect
Filipa Moura Architect
João Varela Architect
Jorge Gomes Architect
Margarida Braz Architect Support
Tatiana Henriques Architect
Débora Fernandes Architect & Urban Planner Support
José Jorge Urban Planner Support
Pedro Barradas Fire and Safety - Architect
Inês Amendoeira Environmental Engineer
Ricardo Ferreira Environmental Engineer

We are specialized in Building design and licensing

We have the motivation, know-how and multidisciplinary experience to transform your dream project into reality.
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