Why Konceptness?

We have the motivation, know-how and multidisciplinary experience to make your dream project become a reality.



We see our company as a means of fulfilling our clients’ dreams by offering the best solution for persons, buildings and the environment.


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In addition to helping our clients fulfill their dreams through the best solution, we’re always committed to achieving this goal through innovative project development services. This approach creates a positive impact and a harmonious coexistence between persons, buildings and the environment.


All our endeavors reflect our vision, and we strive to be in the vanguard of materializing projects envisioned by our clients. In this process, we remain committed to ensure that each dream can attain a positive impact on society.



Commitment to all the actions carried out and their results, adopting an attitude of responsibility, leadership and proactivity to find the best path for everyone (everyone = people, buildings, environment).


Our culture of teamwork allows us to interact internally and with our clients and partners to offer the best solutions and successfully realise our objectives. We build positive, long-term relationships with and between employees, clients and partners based on respect, trust and collaboration.


We develop sustainable and entrepreneurial solutions for our customers by identifying and promoting methods, equipment, and tools to process improvement.


We believe that a strategy based on the diversity and inclusion of employees and companies is the catalyst for achieving more innovation and better results for everyone in terms of growth, evolution and with a positive impact on productivity.


We honor every moment with the customers and people we work with in order to contribute to the positive reflection of all. We act according to ethical principles, truthfully and conscientiously in human relations.

Do what you love, and you’ll be happy. We founded Konceptness based on this motto and have remained genuinely committed to helping our clients fulfill their dreams. Dream makers, yes we are, and that makes us happy.

Susan Cabeceiras Founder & CEO
Susan Cabeceiras

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