Why Konceptness?

We have the motivation, know-how and multidisciplinary experience to make your dream project become a reality.



We see our company as a means of fulfilling our clients’ dreams by offering the best solution for persons, buildings and the environment.


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In addition to helping our clients fulfill their dreams through the best solution, we’re always committed to achieving this goal through innovative project development services. This approach creates a positive impact and a harmonious coexistence between persons, buildings and the environment.


All our endeavors reflect our vision, and we strive to be in the vanguard of materializing projects envisioned by our clients. In this process, we remain committed to ensure that each dream can attain a positive impact on society.



I am always 100% committed to the vision, mission, culture and success of Konceptness, alongside the current and future team and its clients and partners. I always recommend the products and services of Konceptness.


Teamwork involving personnel, clients and partners, doing what is necessary for everyone to maintain the team spirit essential for fulfilling project goals. I am focused on cooperation and always on finding a definitive solution.

I foster flexibility at work through openness to any adjustments needed to find the most appropriate solution. I focus on collaboration and cooperation as the basis of teamwork among all participants.

I am passionate about my work and committed to successful teamwork.


Excellence is my springboard. I always offer products and services of exceptional quality that add value to all long-term participants. I find ways to do more with less, to maintain an ongoing and unending path toward improvement and innovation.


I am responsible for all actions and the respective results through an approach of leadership and proactivity focused on finding the best path and the best solution.


I learn from my mistakes. I evolve and continuously strive to help all in-house and external team members to do the same. I value education and training as key tools for the company to evolve and grow. I foster an awareness that day-to-day work and interaction are excellent opportunities to convey practical and usable knowledge.


I always honor clients and persons with whom I work. Whenever I make a proposal or suggest an idea, I think about the positive impact that it will have on others and on the work being carried out. I don’t mislead in self-interest or conceal information to take advantage of the situation on a later date. Whenever I identify or obtain important information, I share it with everyone participating in the process to ensure that it is successful. I am honest with everyone and expect the same from everyone with whom I work.


I speak positively, in private or in public, with all participants at Konceptness. I speak with good intentions through capable and positive conversation. I never use or listen to sarcasm or slander. I accept what is being said as true and take responsibility for replies to our communication. I always apologize for any disruption, for which I then attempt to find a solution. I talk about worrisome concerns only with the person involved in the matter.


I am grateful and foster gratitude. I say “thank you” and show appreciation often and in many ways, so that everyone around me knows how much I appreciate everything and everyone who interacts with me. I celebrate my victories and those of clients and partners.


I always look for a solution within the system, whether through a checklist, a process, a strategy or a method to achieve the best results. I believe that the systematization of any company is essential to fulfill its overall objective effectively and quickly.

I belong to a coordinated unit, which has the necessary tools to overcome problems and challenges, tools that I use before seeking a solution from a particular person. Tasks assigned to me must be performed fluidly and synergistically with other system members and focused on the common goal.


I foster acknowledgement for the work and dedication of everyone who interacts with me in the endeavor to attain success. I value commitment and proactivity focused on the positive outcome of tasks. I believe that genuine acknowledgement is fundamental for the harmony and motivation of any team and/or employee.


I trust and create trust among all in-house and external team members to build an atmosphere of prosperity and innovation and a long-term win/win corporate culture.

Do what you love, and you’ll be happy. We founded Konceptness based on this motto and have remained genuinely committed to helping our clients fulfill their dreams. Dream makers, yes we are, and that makes us happy.

Susan Cabeceiras Founder & CEO
Susan Cabeceiras

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