05 Apr

7th APSEI SECURITY CONFERENCE – Building Evacuation: from the Problem to the Solution

This panel dedicated special attention to the issue of longevity and the urgent need for buildings to adapt to the living conditions of their inhabitants, namely among the ageing population and/or those with reduced mobility.

Several questions were raised.

Does an accessible architecture have adequate fire safety? The issue of fire safety, a subject that starts being regulated in 2009, with its updates, still does not consider all users.

Portugal has the 4th oldest population in the world, with this population tending to grow. Are buildings prepared for this market segment? What importance is being given to the senior segment that we are all heading towards?

The moderation by Susan Cabeceiras, CEO of Konceptness featured three excellent presentations -The impact of an ageing population on SCIE– Cidália Worm (ETU); Problem of evacuation of users with vulnerable capabilities – Aidos Rocha (Exactusensu); e Adaptive evacuation – Rui Florêncio (EATON) –which, supported by the questions presented by the audience present, highlighted the lack of legislation linking all themes to make buildings adapted to the needs of seniors and people with reduced mobility.

The panel of speakers, with great experience in the area, allowed the sharing of solutions applied in buildings, where the care of who intervenes in the buildings is a concern, despite the legislation not having this obligation.

“I leave a challenge: for when a legislation applied to this public so important for us, where accessibilities, architecture and fire safety may be together and following a single legislation thought and real for a bigger purpose”, refers Susan Cabeceiras, CEO and Founder of Koneptness.

Protect 2022 | 7th Security Conference – APSEI – Portuguese Security Association