25 Jul

Konceptness in partnership with Young Audax (ISCTE) in Business Entrepreneurship

Konceptness had the great pleasure for its participation in Speed Project, an innovative program of development and entrepreneurship in partnership with Young Audax (ISCTE).

Konceptness was invited by Young Audax (project developed by ISCTE, which has the ambition of promoting education, entrepreneurship and management of family businesses, to young people between 13 and 18 years old), to participate in this project that provides young people a first contact with the university world where they can develop in a fun way the necessary foundations for the creation and business management and tries to captivate them so that they can create their own company in the future.

Konceptness sees itself in this vision of entrepreneurship, being the proof that it is possible to develop innumerable projects in the most diverse areas with success!
Watch the video   First Step December 2011.