01 Sep

Konceptness Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In September 2019 Konceptness celebrated 10 years.

It was a day of celebration for all those who are part of this company, employees, partners and suppliers, with everything that was entitled, good food, music and animation and above all good conversations with those who have been sharing stories for some time.

Konceptness entered the double digits with many novelties.

The new facilities brought a greater dynamic to the team and a space adapted for the next 10 years of the company’s growth.

For the second time in its history, Konceptness doubled the number of employees, the first time when it reached 5 years of existence and now again after another 5 years.

All this within the framework of a bold and forward-looking strategy. Konceptness is focused on Innovation, for you and for your customers. On one hand, it seeks to modernize its work methodologies. This is the case of the introduction of BIM (Building Information Modeling) that allows a much more efficient project management for all those involved: Konceptness, customer and partners. Regarding the customer, Innovation is quite transformative and is present, not only through the methodologies applied in the projects, but also in the very culture of the company and the coherence of its Purpose, which guides all the activity of Konceptness in favor of delivering each customer their dream project.

It is hoped that the next 10 years will bring, at least, the same dynamics and success experienced so far. Here is the report of the moment..