23 Nov

Konceptness Christmas Solidarity Action – Aldeias SOS

Christmas Day is always associated with the celebration of family and solidarity, so this year the Konceptness family, remembering that not all children and young people have a good family reference at home, joined the SOS Villages that exist to change this reality, contributing so that each child can belong to a family, grow up with love, respect, safety and be the author of his own story.
For this, Konceptness will promote a solidarity action that aims to collect essential goods, between 25 November and 15 December.
Anyone who wants to join this action can do so by delivering the goods at our facilities, which will later be packaged and delivered to the headquarters of Aldeias SOS in Bicesse.

We list the items identified as most pressing, remembering that each one can make a difference. https://konceptness.pt/wp-content/uploads/lista-de-necessidades-bicesse.pdf