24 Nov

Innovation in Training

Lisbon, 24 November 2020 – Konceptness, a company of urban design and licensing, allied with several companies to provide, in its facilities, a training offer in the area of BIM – Building Information Modeling, which revealed itself in an innovative format by framing the training in a collaborative work simulation.

For this purpose Konceptness invited some companies from various sectors where BIM has already been integrated into their activities.

“BIM is recognised as a collaborative work methodology, so it made sense to bring other companies and entities that are already immersed in BIM for this training. And the acceptance was very good, which made us very satisfied, for us it was an innovative and useful idea and apparently also for our partners”, says Susan Cabeceiras, CEO of Konceptness.

The first Autodesk Revit Architecture Training Course has recently ended, with the partnership of OBO Bettermann, Dateh and Claranet.

“The pioneering spirit and mutual collaboration between our employees, suppliers and customers represent the core competencies of OBO Bettermann. They are what enable us to react quickly and flexibly to changing needs and changing markets. BIM is a fundamental tool for sustainable development in architecture and engineering and is already part of our work methodology. In this context, we could only accept Konceptness’ invitation to integrate their BIM training project that qualitatively stands out from other trainings, since it knew how to join, in an innovative and collaborative way, the realism of the different specialties to an academic model”. Eng. Pedro Faria, General Director of OBO Bettermann Portugal

The various partner companies had the opportunity to be present at the training to, on the one hand, present their product library in BIM context but also to interact with the trainees and understand their needs, with a view to a better optimization of their offer and implementation of BIM methodologies in a collaborative environment.

“Konceptness is a dynamic company, with a very interesting vision of implementation and adoption of BIM methodologies in Portugal. I admire the commitment they have shown in sharing with other companies the importance of BIM and its best practices for a better implementation. It is very important that there are companies like Konceptness, who understand that the transfer of knowledge is fundamental to evolve organizations, making them more solid and competitive”, says José Ramos, Business Manager Datech.

As for the trainees and according to their testimonies, the balance at the end of the training was positive, in the perspective of integration and approach of other areas of knowledge and specialties in the realization of projects. For them, this training will foster a greater evolution in the use of BIM methodology and design in general, since it allows to anticipate design issues of application and compatibility with other specialty areas.

BIM is a work methodology aimed at the integrated management of information associated with a parametric three-dimensional model and emerges as a new approach to the AECO-Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners industry in the context of the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution.

For next year 3 new trainings are already planned:  Autodesk Revit Architecture advanced; Autodesk Revit MEP and Autodesk Navisworks.

These courses are designed to train architects, engineers and technicians in the area, particularly in the areas of Autodesk Revit Architecture and the introduction to BIM, in order to qualify professionals for an area that, in the coming years, will gain much relevance in attracting clients, implementation and collaboration of architectural projects.


Momento de Partilha Claranet/TechData/Autodesk