30 Sep


The Global Health Forum 2023 took place at the Estoril Congress Centre on 29 and 30 September 2023. Under the theme: “Health for all”, it brought together experts and specialists from different areas of knowledge with the aim of debating the issues that will influence the future of health from a multidisciplinary and integrated perspective.

Our CEO Susan Cabeceiras was also present, on the panel dedicated to Health and Longevity.

Her presentation: “Healthy Longevity: The challenge of imagining our habitat from the age of 60” made those present think about where they dreamed of being and how they would like to be, with quality and health, in 20/30/40 years’ time. In the countryside, in the city, in a community or more reserved? And what daily contacts and activities do they see themselves involved in? When I’m 65, I’m going to have the chance of a €450 monthly pension, is the solution I’ve just dreamed up sustainable?

Once I know where I want to be, I need to consider what my home might be like: a detached building, a building with shared communal areas, what services do I want close to me? A space designed for my various phases and needs, the bathrooms designed and spaces such as kitchens designed, they don’t have to be ugly… There are various solutions emerging on the market, co-housing, co-living, the aim is for everyone to be able to choose where they want to be and what communities they want to be part of.

Today we have to prepare for our future, both economically and in terms of our health and habits that will allow us to live longer, yes, we all want that, but with quality and happiness.