07 Oct

“The Future is Now and Konceptness can help”

Lisbon, 15 April 2020 – Konceptness, a company of urban design and licensing, in the current context of social distancing, has reorganized its services to provide a more adjusted and supportive offer to companies and projects of AEC – Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

“The Future is now and Konceptness can help” arose from this desire to keep alive and active the economy in this sector of activity, in a perspective of supporting companies not to stagnate and to be able to move forward with their activities and projects to gain a new lease of life and competitiveness.”

“Companies that prepare now will be better organised and more resilient to face the near future. It won’t be easy for anyone and so we all need to collaborate together and so create strategies and analyse scenarios to react with greater knowledge, and perhaps, more peace of mind,” says Susan Cabeceiras, managing director of Konceptness.”

In this adaptation process, Konceptness has re-evaluated its services and listened to its customers’ main needs in order to adjust them to the current reality. As a result, Konceptness makes available to companies several services in the following areas:

/ “Grace” requests – In the Municipal Councils and Parish Councils regarding the Advertising fees already paid, due to the context of company closures and social distancing;

/ Proceedings to lapse – The deadlines in the Municipal Councils are being extended, with the possibility of formalising a request for an extension of deadlines;

/ Legal Procedures in Force – Audits and checks at workplaces to verify compliance with all legal procedures in force, to avoid subsequent fines;

/ Building Licensing – Digital deliveries to City Councils with more agile contacts and procedures;

/ Building Surveying – In installations without employees it is possible to carry out, guaranteeing all safety and hygiene conditions, Fire Safety Audits, update safety and architectural plans if necessary, reorganise flows and spaces in work areas, among others.

/ Online Trainings– Online Fire Safety Awareness and BIM (Building Information Model) introduction trainings;

/ Construction Monitoring – in terms of Supervision, Safety Coordination and Waste Management in construction;

/ Stand by Projects – Preparation of execution projects and launching of tenders for works with all the necessary technical support;

/ Digital Project – Transformation of a paper project to a digital and/or editable version, to quickly proceed and decide any future intervention in your building. Add value to your building, save time if you have to license or intervene in your building;

More information: Susan Cabeceiras | susan.cabeceiras@konceptness.com | 210 146 026 | 918 464 780