29 Sep

Fire Safety Drills in Buildings – Self Protection Measures COVID-19

The technical regulation for fire safety in buildings and enclosures (Order No. 1532/2008 of 29 December, as amended by Order No. 135/2020 of 2 June) provides for drills to test self-protection measures and to train the occupants with a view to creating behaviour routines and improving procedures.

In light of the new restrictions in several buildings/precincts resulting from Covid 19, the ANEPC makes some recommendations:

  1. The obligation to comply with the periodicity of drills established in article 207 of the RT-SCIE is maintained;
  2. The self-protection measures must be adapted to the real and current operating conditions, namely in the availability of the elements that make up the security teams;
  3. The collaboration/participation of external entities may be waived;
  4. Priority should be given to testing small-scale internal procedures, both intervention and partial evacuation, inserted in a reduced time tape;
  5. Boardroom exercises (CPX) can be carried out in order to test internal procedures and coordination;
  6. The evaluation of the exercises must consider the need to reformulate the teams to actual operating conditions as well as establish priorities for procedures, intervention and evacuation.

Source: Site ANEPC