Engineering Services

Civil engineering consists of the design, project, construction and maintenance of all types of infrastructures necessary for society’s well-being and development.

In constructing reinforced concrete structures or erecting metal structures, civil engineering projects are fundamental for completing the works. Engineering is a complex activity requiring data analysis, and various calculations and sizing operations, along with decisions and studies on various alternatives until obtaining the best architectural and functional solutions, namely in terms of access, comfort and safety conditions.

Why do you need the Civil Engineering services of Konceptness?

From detached homes to complex industries, from conceiving and designing to construction and planning, Konceptness stands out for its technical excellence and dedication proven through each project in which it has participated, always with a focus on client needs and on maintaining the goal of optimizing all tasks.

In our projects, compatibility and interaction between all specialized fields is of particular importance since it ensures more effective work to avoid incompatibilities and unforeseen situations.

With proven experience of over 10 years, our team provides practical solutions in compliance with applicable codes and legal requirements.

Specialized Civil Engineering fields may include:

  • Design of Concrete Structures and Foundations;
  • Design of Metallic Structures;
  • Thermal Design;
  • Acoustic Design;
  • Water Supply Design;
  • Wastewater Supply Design;
  • Design for Fire Safety in Buildings;
  • Sizing of the Firefighting System;
  • Electricity Design;
  • Telecommunications Design (Infrastructures for Telecommunications in Buildings (ITED);
  • Gas Network Design and other designs.

Designs for specialized civil engineering works are prepared mostly by engineers. They involve calculation, demonstration and graphic and written representation of the solutions to be implemented, always focused on obtaining top-notch performance by all the building’s technical components.

At Konceptness, designs are prepared by technicians with specific training in each field, and all specialized fields are rendered compatible through uncompromising coordination between the various designs.

Engineering Services
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