3D Modelling

At Konceptness we create 3D models to provide a clear spatial perception of how your building or space will look like even before it is built.

In earlier days, illustrations, rough drafts on paper and two-dimensional layouts, combined with a physical scale model, were the best means of presenting an architectural idea for a home or building.

However, as software programs evolved, a new means of presenting architectural designs emerged – 3D.

Recently, 3D designs have become increasingly essential for architectural and decorative purposes.

3D architectural designs have the following advantages:

  • Faster project preparation
  • Ease of visualizing and representing the building
  • Creation of greater detail in the building’s virtual simulation

3D projects are based on the modelling of three-dimensional volumes, the 3D model, that is, the virtual creation of objects/edifices.

Once objects have been modelled, it is easy to extract all vertical and horizontal cross-sections (layouts) necessary for visualization and representation. The more detailed and complete a 3D model the more detailed the extracted cross-section/layout. This method reduces the time necessary for processing drawings and for representation.

Time is invested in modelling and not in 2D representation, meaning that if the object/building is altered in its 3D dimension (remodeled) all associated drawings are also automatically altered.

The 3D model shows final object as realistically as possible. In a later stage, materials are assigned by selecting and repeating images and textures to be rendered and visualized in 3D. The stage after modelling consists of 3D visualization and extraction of 2D drawings.

We have a team of specialized architects to create your project in 3D. The numerous possibilities of 3D enable us to perform tasks such as virtually simulating the building for a preliminary analysis of its structure on site and its relation with surrounding edifices to be built or already built in a very realistic scenario.

This technology has unique advantages by creating high quality images surprisingly similar to that of real photographs – photorealism.

3D Modelling
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