Architectural Design

Architectural design is the most structural and binding service in comparison with other specialties. All other projects (engineering, fire safety (SCIE), interiors, etc.) will be adjusted to the architectural design.

At Konceptness we prepare architectural designs to fulfil legal and functional requirements and the client’s preferences. We explore the various potential scenarios and present the solutions best adapted to your goals and needs.

The architectural design is prepared in different stages: first, we define a concept based on the client’s needs, in which we list the general characteristics of the work; followed by a preliminary study to determine formal solutions suitable to the proposed goals; after the client’s approval of the preliminary study, we prepare the licensing project, which is then submitted to the town council for licensing; the fourth architectural design stage consists of construction drawings to prepare the detailed version of the licensing project to be later used at the worksite in its final version.

At Konceptness we prepare feasible architectural designs conceived in accordance with legal and functional requirements.

To assist you in decisions about your architectural designs, our team analyzes the different potential scenarios and presents the solutions best suited to your goals and needs.

Architectural Design
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