Concept Creation

To materialize a client’s vision, Konceptness creates individual concepts tailored to each project and that foster the space’s authenticity.

A concept is developed based on an analysis of the client’s needs and tastes and by coordinating these with the limitations and opportunities of the space to be designed.

When a concept is created it serves as a guideline to ensure that your project is coherent in shape, color and materials.

In creating a concept, we determine the shapes, color palettes, materials, primary intentions and functionality of the space. These aspects are the starting point for developing a design.

At Konceptness we develop concepts for the various types of projects, namely for Interior Design, Branding and Design From Scratch.

  • Interior Design

We define a concept for a pre-existing space. The Konceptness team transforms the space’s limitations into opportunities.

  • Branding

We define a concept for your brand, endowing it with consistency and a distinct identity. Having a well define brand concept is the basis for the brand’s entire strategy and all its related aspects.

  • Design from Scratch

We define a concept from scratch. The team has the freedom to create a concept idea based on the location’s limitations, weather conditions, economy, philosophical idea or any client proposal or preference.

Concept Creation
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