Adaptive Design for Building Reuse

Architectonic adaptations transform a building and adapt it to new functional conditions to meet new needs.

Reconversion requires specialized know-how about the new plan for a building, a plan that adapts the building’s new distribution layout and creates a new scenario, whether for work or residential purposes. This process implies imbedding the past in the future, transporting a memory from the past to a future technological era, integrating the building in the millennium’s new reality.

For historic buildings or spaces, reconversion requires a symbiosis between the past’s historical-cultural content and the future’s practical and emotional aspects. By searching through records, we can determine the chronological sequence to analyze fundamental content and to create a solid basis for placing the future program within a framework. Substantiation of the future program will ensure a successful reconversion.

Why choose Konceptness to provide the best vision for your building?

We offer clients creative solutions to optimize a building’s space and to maximize the physical and financial capital while ensuring a streamlined and across the board coordination of the entire construction process, from the concept to technical assistance at the worksite. To assist you in making decisions concerning your reconversion project, our team explores the different potential scenarios and submits the solutions best suited to your objectives and needs.

To obtain a building/space to your liking, at Konceptness we believe that our team with over 10 years of proven experience in reconversions of buildings may make the difference you need. We can create a distinct and authentic building/home space in which you have invested and that provides the greatest possible return.

How is Konceptness always ready to meet this challenge?

Our commitment to all our clients is to provide the various essential services to carry out a reconversion of a Building/Space through the following services: Architecture, Engineering, Licensing, Consultancy, Fire Safety or Inspection at the Works, all of this at only one place! Konceptness. Our team of different specialized technicians ensures this high-quality service with maximum attention to detail, ensuring that the spatial project for buildings and their surroundings contribute to the successful growth and development of their occupants.

What necessary services for reconverting buildings does Konceptness offer?

Konceptness is by your side, doing everything necessary to materialize your vision through proven experience in the following areas:

  • As-built Drawings
  • Architectural Design for Buildings
  • Interior Remodeling
  • Licensing of Buildings
  • Services for the Construction Stage
  • Fire Safety at Buildings
  • PIN (Potential National Interest) Projects
  • Feasibility of Licensing of and Investment in Buildings
  • Engineering Services
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plans (PGRCD)
  • Consultancy Services

Adaptive Design for Building Reuse
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