Health and Safety Plan in the Design Stage

The Safety and Health Plan (known in Portuguese as DPSS) in the design stage is the reference document for organizing and managing safety and health at a worksite and specifies safety rules and requirements.

The PSS in the design stage specifies aspects related with safety, namely risk evaluation and recommended prevention measures, organizational measures, collective and personal equipment plan, etc.

According to art. 5 of Decree-Law no. 273/2003, of 29 October, the Safety and Health Plan (PSS) is mandatory at worksites subject to a project and involving works implying special risks as stipulated in art. 7, or prior notification for setting up a worksite. For works in which the Safety and Health Plan is not mandatory but that imply special risks, the entity carrying out the works must prepare Datasheets on Safety Procedures for those works indicating the necessary prevention measures for performing the said works.

The Safety and Health Plan (PSS) in the design stage is prepared by the project safety coordinator who is appointed by the works owner. If the plan is prepared by another person appointed by the works owner, the said plan must be technically validated.

Konceptness can help you implement the Safety and Health Plan (PSS) in the Design Stage.

We ensure compliance with all applicable laws and standards, thereby guaranteeing that your works will be completed in the best manner.

Health and Safety Plan in the Design Stage
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