Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the system that gathers all information about a building and renders this information compatible at any given moment. The BIM system enables all departments and even the very client to control costs, shapes, materials, lighting, quantities, timings and other aspects.

How is Konceptness implementing BIM technology in the process?

BIM technology includes digital tools such as Revit software. Our architects and engineers create your project’s 3D virtual model using the Revit application, both for architecture and engineering, which makes it possible to extract information and drawings from the model.

The Konceptness team is proficient in Revit software, an advantage for preparing projects through enhanced technology and processes based on all integrated information. Your architecture design and respective specialized fields may be included in this process by creating a very complete 3D model.

This system is based on a virtual 3D model, including the data of all your project’s elements in a single complete model, and features:

  • Workflow

Includes different areas, namely: Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and functions as a means of achieving compatibility among all project disciplines and elements.

Diminishes incompatibilities that may arise before or during construction of the project.

  • Easy and fast quantifications

Extracts data and drawings from the model in a flexible and faster manner to save time and consequently our client’s money.

Performs a fast and effective cost analysis that is automatically adapted to any alteration in any stage of your project.

  • Project and construction coordination

Plans the construction process while simultaneously interacting with the different disciplines, coordinating and aligning the work as alterations arise in any of the areas, defining prior issues recognized only at the worksite.

Reduces errors and faults susceptible of occurring in your project and at your worksite, anticipating their prognosis and providing greater control of your project.

BIM technology facilitates Konceptness’ international communication in the construction field!

The BIM approval and application process is growing worldwide. This aspect facilitated our collaboration with different companies in all locations, enabling us to work jointly on the same model for your project.

Suppliers are creating a greater number of 3D models of their objects that can be used in the BIM system, which guarantees that these objects, and their specifications, can be integrated in projects worldwide. BIM provides a more accurate portrayal of events, enabling you to digitally visualize your project, including features such as costs and timings. BIM enables users to foresee situations susceptible of occurring at the worksite.

Konceptness specializes in architecture, civil engineering and urban development licensing for retail, health services and industrial buildings, for which it can fulfill your project’s requirements. By integrating BIM technology, we offer creative and practical solutions for the highest potential return.

Ask us for the best solution for you and for your business!