Electrotechnical Engineering

Electrotechnical engineering is a technical field dealing with electricity-powered equipment, devices and systems. After preparing the architectural and structural design for a new/existing building/space, it is time for electrotechnical engineering to intervene. At Konceptness, our electrotechnical engineering team is ready to handle your needs by preparing various types of electrotechnical designs.

At Konceptness, our Electrotechnical Engineering service provides our clients with the best solutions, with utmost attention to detail according to the various necessary specialized fields. How?

  • We provide realistic solutions achieving lower installation and maintenance costs, depending on the needs and tastes of our clients, to create a distinct building/home or investment with the highest possible return.
  • We believe that our proposal for materials and techniques guarantee the best fire resistance or other properties, safeguarding the lives of occupants and material goods therein.
  • We guarantee optimization of your solutions according to the specialized fields in compliance with applicable legislation.

Our Electrotechnical Engineering fields include:

  • Electricity Design
  • Detection Systems Design
  • Telecommunications Design (ITED – Infrastructures for Telecommunications in Buildings)
  • Automation Systems
  • Data Network Designs
  • Electrotechnical Datasheet
  • Technical Evaluation Reports
  • Electronic Security Systems (CCTV)
  • Energy Auditing

Today’s electrical installations play a fundamental role in the quality of life and contribute to people’s satisfaction in their daily activities and basic needs.

Konceptness designs electrical systems to the highest standards and primacy to meet all client needs. We always select the different parts of electrical installations to convey electricity safely and effectively to all parts of the building while always ensuring user safety.

All designs comply with applicable laws, namely the Safety Regulation for Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Networks (Decree-Law no. 46487 of 66/06/21 and amendments set forth in Decreto Regulamentar (executory decree) no. 90/84 of 84/12/26), the Technical Rules for Low Voltage Electrical Installation (Portaria (ordinance) no. 949-A/2006), Decree-Law no. 446/76 and Portaria no. 401/76, in addition to Portaria no. 454/2001.

Fire protection at buildings plays an extremely important role, both in the design for new buildings and for rehabilitation purposes. It is therefore necessary to install an automatic fire detection system that will detect and record the start of a fire without human intervention. The system will also transmit the respective information to a signaling and command center, automatically trigger the alarm and activate all commands necessary to protect the building’s occupants.

The fire detection system design makes it possible to plan all connections of the components specified in the design for fire safety at buildings.

Fire detection designs prepared by Konceptness are tailored to each type of edifice and are adapted to the respective industry and its real needs.

The massive presence of telecommunications in our daily lives is an undeniable aspect of modern life.

The design of infrastructures for telecommunications in buildings defines the best telecommunications solutions for the building based on the needs and concerns voiced by the building’s owner and is tailored to activities carried out in the building. ITED lays out the network architecture to be implemented, defines the networks of wiring, cables, materials, devices and the respective equipment.

At Konceptness, ITED projects are always designed with the goal of meeting all client needs aligned with the highest standards and excellence.

All designs fulfil applicable legislation, namely Decree-Law no. 59/2000, of 19 April, which is technically supported by the ITED Manual and associated procedures, as issued by ANACOM (national telecommunications authority).

Current industrial processes require implementation of automation systems to ensure a high level of reliability, top performance, ease of operation and increased efficiency by maximizing production, minimizing energy consumption and lowering waste emissions. Automation systems also improve safety conditions, both for humans and materials and for process-related information.

Konceptness helps you to find and develop the right automation system most suitable to your industry by selecting the technology best adapted to the process to be implemented and the best means of interconnecting them to always guarantee the best cost/benefit ratio.

To achieve the goal, Konceptness prepares a preliminary technical study that analyzes all needs within the respective industry. This approach makes it possible to identify, analyze and determine the best control strategy and hardware and/or software resources necessary for applying the best automation system for your industry.

Corporate data networks are becoming an increasingly essential requirement due to the quantity of data circulating within and outside companies and due to the number of devices and computers that companies have in constant operation as part of the production and management process.

Konceptness designs data networks to provide greater ease of use and maintenance, both for network users and for the respective administrators. These networks will be capable of providing all necessary services with the best quality and the facility of adding new equipment to the system.

The project designer uses the electrotechnical datasheet to specify planned power capacities for the installation, whether for a new construction or rehabilitation, and is the basis for sizing the installation’s branch power supply line. The power grid operator uses the electrotechnical datasheet to approve the requested power supply.

The electrotechnical datasheet consists of a specific form, published in Decree-Law no. 96/2017, of 10 August, amended by law no. 61/2018, of 21 August.

Konceptness prepares electrotechnical datasheets to the highest standards and primacy for edifices requiring a power supply of 3.45 kVA or less.

For further information, consult Konceptness!

For further information, consult Konceptness!