Thermal and Energy Analysis

The Konceptness team of specialists prepares thermal projects and energy certification measures to improve thermal comfort and energy performance at your space or building.

To comply with specific applicable laws and regulations, we can design a thermal project adapted to your space’s needs and according to imposed levels of interior air quality, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Konceptness can also help you obtain the legally required energy certification for new and old buildings that are for sale or rent.

For this purpose, our team gathers and analyzes various data and elements regarding your property to attain better thermal comfort and energy performance.

The Thermal Design specifies the composition of walls, floors, thermal bridges and other parts in order to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency. The purpose is to guarantee better thermal comfort conditions at buildings without needing exaggerated energy consumption and to minimize condensation.

The National Certification System for Energy and Interior Air Quality in Buildings (SCE) combined with REH regulations (Regulation on Energy Performance of Residential Buildings) and RECS (Regulation on Energy Performance of Commercial and Services Buildings), have implemented new construction rules and methods applicable to all edifices.

Konceptness designs your thermal project according to applicable laws and by applying the REH and RECS, in compliance with levels of interior air quality, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Certification assesses a building’s energy efficiency in a scale from A+ (very efficient) to F (poor efficiency), issued by technicians authorized by the Energy Agency (ADENE).

The energy rating is determined by various factors, which include the building’s location, year of construction, floor number and area, as well as the composition of its walls, roofs, floors and windows. The equipment associated to climate control (ventilation, heating and cooling) and equipment used to heat running water also influence the analysis.

Energy certification is required for new and old buildings when they are listed for sale or rent by the owners or by their real estate agents.

An energy certificate is also required when the building is subject to works, for which costs exceed 25% of the building’s value (defined as a Major Intervention (cf. subparagraph gg of article 2 of Decree-Law no. 118/2013) or when its utilization is altered.

Konceptness can help you obtain the energy certificate by analyzing and gathering the property or building data and documents to provide and guarantee better thermal comfort and energy performance.