Cost Analysis

Cost analysis is a critical process for building the project!

Is the architectural and structural design for your project ready? Are the projects for all specialized fields ready and do they include a bill of quantities?

Now, before starting construction, you need to know the construction costs and to request quotations for the various elements required for completing your project! Whether it be labor, technicians, materials and equipment, or other items. All those items require a cost analysis and quotations, as requested from the various suppliers, to obtain the best price, quality and deadline.

Why is the Konceptness cost analysis important for your investment?

At Konceptness we believe that the cost analysis and price comparison is essential for estimating construction costs and to plan and manage the resources required for completing your project.

A quotation safeguards the client’s interests, since it identifies what is or is not included in the price of the respective service. It is thus important to analyze quotations to ensure that prices are real and in line with market prices. The quotation includes all the information we need to identify: service completion period, cost of the participating team, materials, equipment and other important aspects.

Konceptness has the new BIM Building Information Modeling technology to organize the data of all your project’s elements in one single and complete model. The data includes: specifications, suppliers, prices, quantities and other aspects. Through BIM technology, the data is processed in combination with data of other project areas, which makes it possible to:

  • Quickly and safely obtain a cost analysis when necessary.
  • Avoid errors and risks caused by faulty communication between team members.
  • Plan the various construction fronts and their stages.

This approach allows fast and effective cost analysis which is automatically adapted to any alteration that arises during any project stage.

What does the Konceptness cost analysis include?

  • We perform a comparative analysis of supplier quotations to provide the client with the best options: best quality/price solution within the specified period.
  • We check whether prices submitted by suppliers or technicians are realistic in relation to market prices.
  • We determine how much you will invest in your project based on licensing and execution expenses. This measure will facilitate and guide the decision-making process to obtain the best result for your investment and guarantee final project documentation aligned with the project schedule.
  • If the quotations are not feasible, we search for and identify other suppliers of services, materials, equipment and other goods to optimize solutions and techniques, within the best period and costs for the client to achieve his/her goal.