Rehabilitation and Renovation of Buildings

We rehabilitate your property, by updating it.

Renovating a building results in a new building within the old building’s structure, a new building compliant with the new legal code requirements applicable to construction, fire safety, energy and the various types of licensing regulations in force. This new building may be adapted to new functional conditions that fulfil its owner’s new needs.

Rehabilitation of buildings may range from minor remodeling to full remodeling. A building’s rehabilitation process also includes some type of renovation and generally involves repair of some or all the building’s systems and elements, whether structural, electrical or other aspects, to ensure that the building complies with safety requirements. If you prepare a project to alter a building of historic value, you must consider all the building’s characteristics to respect them and to plan the building’s rehabilitation or change its utilization. The result will ensure harmony between the past and the future.

Why choose Konceptness for your building Rehabilitation and Renovation project?

Rehabilitation of built heritage has become an indispensable part of a city’s policy, insofar as such a policy combines a city’s rehabilitation and revitalization goals.

We offer clients creative solutions to optimize a building’s space and to maximize the physical and financial capital while ensuring a streamlined and across the board coordination of the entire construction process, from the concept to technical assistance at the worksite. To assist you in making decisions concerning your reconversion project, our team explores the different potential scenarios and submits the solutions best suited to your objectives and needs.

To obtain a building/space to your liking, at Konceptness we believe that our team with over 10 years of proven experience in rehabilitation and renovation of buildings may make the difference you need. We can create a distinct and authentic building/home space in which you have invested that provides the greatest possible return.

How is Konceptness always ready to meet this challenge?

We are committed to all our clients to provide the various essential services to complete rehabilitation and renovation projects for buildings through the following services: Architecture, Engineering, Licensing, Consultancy, Fire Safety or Worksite Supervision, which can all be obtained at one place! Konceptness. Our multidisciplinary team provides those services to the highest quality standards and with utmost attention to detail so that the spatial design of buildings and of their surroundings contribute to the successful growth and development of the entities that occupy them.

What services necessary for rehabilitation and renovation of buildings does Konceptness offer?

  • Rehabilitation Projects for Existing Buildings
  • Architectural Design for Buildings
  • 3D Visualization
  • Interior Remodeling
  • Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE)
  • Licensing of Buildings
  • Property Management Consulting
  • Structural Analysis Consulting
  • Licensing and Investment Feasibility for Buildings
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plans (PGRCD)
  • Façade Retention Design
  • Services for the Construction Stage

Rehabilitation and Renovation of Buildings
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