3D Visualization

We represent your project virtually through static images or through the 3D model itself. This is one of the ways by which Konceptness improves communication, allowing you to see your building before it is built.

We use 2D and 3D representation to facilitate dialogue and share ideas, thereby simplifying interactions between technicians and clients.

We remove obstacles between clients and technicians and create a project that fulfills your expectations.

3D visualization minimizes common communication and interpretation constraints between specialized technicians and clients.

The 3D visualization service enables you to view three-dimensional objects such as your building, interior areas, furniture or other aspects. We generate pdf files showing your project in three dimensions, or we extract printable digital images (jpeg, png or other types).

We perform renderings not only to view your three-dimensional space but also to test materials and to show you a more realistic aspect of the space.

Rendering is a process that transforms the 3D model into a realistic image or video. The more complete your model, the greater detail and more realistic the final product will be. 3D visualization may range from the building or space’s volume dimensions to a detailed view of its reflection in water.

3D Visualization
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