Façade Retention Design

To preserve the traditional image of cities in accordance with legal regulations, rehabilitation of built heritage has become an indispensable part of a city’s policy, insofar as such a policy combines a city’s rehabilitation and revitalization goals.

What must be done when you have a building with historic or cultural value? Is it necessary to maintain the exterior façade and modify the inner part of the building or demolish part or all of it to build a structure suitable for its new needs or functions? Do you wish to renew your property to give it a new life and create an investment building/home space that is distinct or authentic and that will provide the highest potential return. Currently, the need to preserve existing façades has become increasingly more common!

How can Konceptness help?

At Konceptness we provide a façade retention service that guarantees preservation of the façade during a building’s rehabilitation. When retaining façades, the temporary structures support a building’s exterior or interior walls. As such, façade retention enables us to build a totally new structure of a building behind the existing façades.

  • Our team designs the metallic structures to contain façades according to the methods and types of retention to be used.
  • At Konceptness we believe in the importance of applying techniques and materials that guarantee the best properties for this type of structure for better support and preservation of exterior façades or interior walls.
  • Konceptness designs projects of metallic structures for façade retention, guaranteeing optimization to suit the respective disciplines, in accordance with Eurocodes and applicable laws, regardless of their size and utilization. We provide a fast and practical execution process at competitive prices.

Façade Retention Design
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