Licensing and Investment Feasibility for Buildings

Before buying or renting, be certain that your plans for the location or building are feasible and allowed by the respective urban development policy!

Setting up a project involves various fields of expertise. However, some suggested solutions might not be feasible or allowed under current legislation! The owner is not aware of these obstacles! And when the project is underway, unexpected problems and delays will take place. This situation may cause higher costs, followed by losses and work delays!

How does the Konceptness licensing and investment feasibility study avoid those problems?

The necessary information is obtained before you invest in a space or building. This ensures that, on making that investment, you have a technical guarantee and an implementation study on which to base your decision. We offer the following studies to determine the feasibility of your project and its fulfilment of the required Quality, Costs and Deadlines:

  • Licensing Feasibility Study

Our multidisciplinary team, with over 18 years of proven experience in licensing, checks:

  • Whether planned uses for your building or space are attainable.
  • All legal and regulatory constraints, namely those related to infrastructures, administrative easements, public utility restrictions, urban development rates, height of façades, distances and other restrictions applicable to the required works.
  • Whether your project requires any adjustments or alterations to make it compatible with legal requirements imposed by competent entities.
  • Whether the project complies with the standards of the specialized fields and how we can resolve any issues.


  • Investment Feasibility Study

Have a notion of the cost of the required works, the deadlines applicable to the entire licensing process and to the works. Calculating the date on which your investment will begin to provide a return is fundamental. You can, for example, monitor the Prior Notification Request that we submit, seeing as the response time by the respective entity often renders your investment infeasible. The reply from the entity must be urgent for the business operation to be completed.

The Konceptness licensing and investment feasibility service has been proven to make a difference and saves our clients’ time and money when setting up an investment building/space that is distinct and authentic and provides the greatest possible return!

Konceptness also offers more Licensing and Investment Feasibility services, namely:

  • Licensing of Buildings
  • Property Management Consulting
  • Licensing and Construction Feasibility

Konceptness has a highly motivated team for this service, based on knowledge about the construction market, plus engineering and architecture technical know-how, which is offered to the client to fulfil his/her dream.

Licensing and Investment Feasibility for Buildings
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