Services for Construction

Are your project drawings ready? Do you need to transform drawings into reality? Now is the time to prepare everything you need to begin the works and fulfil your dream!

At Konceptness we provide services for construction and solutions adapted to your needs by examining various options and the best technical approach. Through our proven services, we provide follow-up assistance to clients during the project’s entire lifecycle. We streamline the process to complete your building/space taking into consideration: Quality, Safety, Cost and Deadlines.

Konceptness Services for Construction provide follow-up for your project’s entire lifecycle

Based on our proven experience of 10 years, we provide a range of essential services for construction purposes that include Architecture, Engineering, Fire Safety Audits, Supervision, everything at only one place! Konceptness.

Our team members are specialized in a range of disciplines and can assist in the 4 main stages of your project’s lifecycle: start, organization and preparation, execution and closing. You can request our services indicated below separately or combined:

/Services for Construction at the Start of the Lifecycle

  • As-built Drawings
  • Licensing and Construction Feasibility
  • Detail Drawings
  • Tender Specifications
  • Bill of Quantities (MQT)
  • Client Representation
  • Safety and Health Plan in the Design Stage (PSS)

/ Services for Construction in the Works Organization and Preparation Stage

  • Project Management
  • Works Cost Estimates
  • Planning
  • Cost Analysis

/ Services for Construction in the Project Execution Stage

  • Works Management
  • Cost Management
  • Supervision
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plans (PGRCD)
  • Preparation of the Safety and Health at Work Plan (DPSS)

/ Services for Construction at Project Closing

  • Final Construction Drawings
  • Final Construction Documentation

How are sustainability principles always included in our Services for Construction?

At Konceptness, we are always considering the three pillars of sustainability to be integrated with our services for construction, which are:

/Social: We perform all tasks to guarantee personnel protection at the worksite and that the finished building/space provides a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for working, leisure or living.

/Economic: Attain a balance between commercial performance, usability, and comfort at your property. We provide realistic and cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs and tastes of our clients and with the highest possible return.

/Environmental: To achieve the ideal situation for our clients and the environment, our team of technicians create solutions through flexible technology to minimize energy and water consumption, to apply waste management plans at the worksite and to implement renewable energy systems.

Managing all these aspects is truly a challenge! Without professional help, the work would become incredibly disorganized! Implying lost time and money! Konceptness is always by your side, and we offer the various services for construction to ensure you obtain a building/space tailored to your needs. We believe that our team, whose members have expertise in a variety of fields, can transform your investment into a building/space that is distinct and authentic.

Services for Construction
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