Supervision of Construction Work

Supervision of construction work consists of full verification of construction compliance, together with defining all licensing and construction drawings, in real time and at the worksite, ensuring compliance with the responsibilities of the Project Designers, Contractor, Works Director and of the Works Owner.

By contracting our Construction Supervision team:

  • We ensure general control of the works contract in relation to execution, management and quality of techniques, materials and equipment, along with hygiene and safety at work.
  • We ensure coordination between the project designers, works director, works owner (client) and contractor, whenever necessary, to find the best solution for non-conformities arising in your project or in the construction process.
  • We will update you on the project execution process through periodic reports and identify areas that may cause potential delays, after which we will quickly implement action measures when any delays occur.

What are the legal duties of the Construction Director in Portugal?

In reference to the law (in Law no. 40/2015, article 16)

1 – The works supervision director, endowed with technical autonomy, shall:

a) Ensure that the works are being carried out in compliance with construction drawings and ensure compliance with licensing or admission conditions, regarding a public or administrative procedure or contract, and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory standards;

b) Follow up works progress at intervals appropriate for full performance of his/her duties and supervision during the works and supervise the actions of the works director during the exercise of his/her duties, issuing the directives necessary for compliance with the provisions of the previous subparagraph;

c) Always be assisted by technicians in sufficient number and qualifications to ensure that supervision covers all the respective projects;

d) Request – whenever necessary to ensure conformity of the works that implement the execution project or ensure compliance with applicable legal or regulatory standards – technical assistance from the project coordinator and intervention by the project designers, and shall also be bound to record that fact and the respective circumstances in the works log, as well as record technical assistance requests made by the works director;

e) Immediately notify the works owner and the project coordinator about any technical fault detected in the design or the need to alter the design so that it may be executed properly;

f) Notify the works owner and, when legally stipulated, the safety and health coordinator during execution of the works about situations that compromise safety, quality, the contracted price and compliance with the foreseen deadline in a public contract procedure or for completing the urban development operations whenever such is detected in the execution of the works;

g) Carry out other duties stipulated by the works owner that were assigned, whenever these duties are not the responsibility of the works director or of the project designers, do not legally require a license, qualification or authorization and are not incompatible with compliance with any legal duties to which he/she is subject;

h) Within five business days, notify the works owner and the entity that handled the licensing procedure or prior notification about his/her termination of duties as the works supervision director, for the purposes and procedures laid out in the RJUE (Legal Regime on Urban Development and Construction) and in the Public Contracts Code, without prejudice to duties for which other entities are responsible, namely in case of impossibility;

i) Ensure that the works for the different specialized fields are effectively supervised by qualified technicians pursuant to article 14-A;

j) Comply with legally stipulated duties, namely those laid out by the RJUE and respective regulatory ordinances (portarias), as well by the Public Contracts Code and other applicable legal and regulatory standards.

2 – Without prejudice to legal provisions to the contrary, the duties of a works supervision director cannot be performed by any person belonging to the personnel of the company responsible for executing the works or by personnel of any other company that intervenes in the execution of the works, including the respective director.

What services do we offer to assist the Supervision service?

  • Client Representation
  • Cost Management
  • Planning
  • Works Management
  • Final Construction Documentation
  • Fire Safety Audits

Supervision of Construction Work
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