Construction Site Services

At Konceptness we provide services during the construction stage to find solutions adapted to your needs by examining various options and to improve the respective approach. Through our team of specialized technicians, we streamline the process, analyze costs, reduce risks and improve project quality.

Is your project in the Construction stage?

We can act as your representative at the works and thereby coordinate all tasks necessary for completion, ranging from supervision, schedule compliance and general project control. This approach implies significant reductions in risks and costs until obtaining your licenses and until the building/space is in operation.

How do the Konceptness Services for Construction achieve our clients’ objectives?

We are committed to all our clients to provide the various essential services for the different works stages: Architecture, Engineering, Fire Safety Audits or Construction Supervision, which can all be obtained at one place! Konceptness. Our team of experts working in different fields accomplishes those objectives to the highest quality and with utmost attention to detail.

  • The Konceptness construction planning service guarantees that your project will be completed within the specified deadline. We maintain you continuously informed about the process, through periodic reports, and we identify aspects that can cause potential delays, for which we implement fast action measures in case of any delays.
  • Our Services for Construction are essential. Our Supervision provides comprehensive verification of construction compliance and defines all licensing and execution projects, in real time and at the worksite, always ensuring that the project designers, contractors, works director, and the works owner (client) remain responsible for their actions and focused on the quality of the construction solution.
  • Note that, at the end of construction, we also prepare your project’s final construction drawings, which consist of an updated record of all alterations during construction that have no legal implications in the already licensed process.
  • In a future intervention, problems may arise if the detailed drawings do not reflect the real situation of what occurred at the works. Consequently, the final construction drawings are fundamental documents for correctly conveying the information specified in the design or what was performed at the works.

What are the Konceptness Services for Construction?

  • Supervision of Construction
  • Client Representation
  • As-built Drawings
  • Final Construction Drawings
  • Cost Control
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Planning
  • Tender Specifications
  • Measurements – Bill of Quantities (MQT)
  • Preparation of the Safety and Health at Work Plan (DPSS)

Construction Site Services
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