Cost Control

Work is very intense during the works and there are many things happening at the same time!  Some design alterations are also necessary due to constraints that may arise at the site. Other problems may occur, either material delivery delays or services that were not carried out as technically requested!

The above-mentioned obstacles may suspend the works and cause delays to your project’s execution schedule. One of the greatest challenges in this stage is to maintain costs within the specified limit.  

To prevent these types of situations, Konceptness offers the Cost Control service to monitor all costs of all elements associated to your works and thereby obtain good results in a competitive market.

What does the Konceptness Cost Control service offer?

At Konceptness, we believe that Cost Control is fundamental for successfully completing your project, for which we:

  • Precisely and efficiently control costs by monitoring delivery of all elements for the works: materials, equipment, labor and other supplies according to the stipulated costs, deadlines and quality.
  • We provide flexible cost control during your project’s various stages.
  • We endeavor to obtain the greatest cost reduction in the various works elements, and we monitor the implementation of those costs.
  • We prepare a payment breakdown to estimate costs and to help identify the elements that need to be supplied at lower costs or to request new solutions in the market.
  • We check the equipment and machinery utilization plan that have costs calculated on an hourly basis to guarantee the best investment at the appropriate time during the project.

Did you know that Waste Management is a fundamental part of cost control at your works? Did you know why?

Making alterations at an existing building/space generates waste. Additionally, during construction of a new building/space, we believe that rational use of existing materials makes a substantial difference for reducing costs.

At Konceptness we believe that the costs of dealing with waste generated at works are very high!

To reduce those costs, our Waste Management service can prevent wastage of materials to attain the best cost control. Our Environmental Engineering team applies techniques to rationalize the use of materials and for proper reutilization of waste in other works processes.

If you need to control costs quickly, effectively and securely at your construction site, thereby fostering the sustainability of your new building/space or of existing buildings, consult Konceptness!

Cost Control
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