Health and Safety Implementation Plan

Preparation of the Health and Safety Implementation Plan (known in Portuguese as DPSS) must start during the works design stage, and thereafter it will be expanded and clarified in the works execution stage. That is, there is one single safety and health plan, a dynamic document that evolves from the works design stage to the execution stage.

The document specifies the main risks and preventive measures for the work to be carried out, equipment maintenance procedures and intervention procedures, namely signs, protection equipment and safety rules to be complied with by all participants in the works.

When an entity is selected to carry out the works, it will be responsible for expanding and specifying the safety and health plan prepared in the design stage, according to what is stipulated in article 11 of Decree-Law no. 273/2003, of 29 October. The Health and Safety Implementation Plan (DPSS) will specify the evaluation of risks associated to the specified activities and equipment for carrying out the works and will define the corresponding prevention measures.

Konceptness can help you implement the Safety and Health Plan (DPSS) in the Design Stage and during the Works. We ensure compliance with all applicable legislation and standards, guaranteeing that your works will be completed in the best manner. For such, we make the necessary contacts with the respective entities and contractors to disclose all mandatory safety plans.

Health and Safety Implementation Plan
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