Planning is a fundamental aspect for successful project management. A process is developed through various experts who must work in coordination to attain the best result and to minimize potential delays and costs. Without planning, it would be a complex task to control the different stages of design, licensing, quotation requests, execution and follow-up of the construction process. It is therefore necessary to create a realistic plan as a reference basis for all the respective activities.

Why choose the Konceptness planning service?

Konceptness will organize the resources necessary to complete and manage your project. We transform your planning into reality through our know-how to combine principles, techniques and the tools used in preparing the project and, in doing so, ensure control, monitoring and evaluation of the projects and/or works in progress. The Konceptness planning service guarantees that your project will be completed within the stipulated deadline. The objective is always to optimize technical solutions in the shortest period and at the lowest cost, thus enabling clients to achieve their goals.

How is Konceptness always ready for this challenge?

We make a key commitment to all our clients: attainment of all essential stages necessary for realistic planning based on our experience in the field.

  • We prepare the planning based on requirements, scope, work structure, respective activities, resources and duration of activities, costs and budget, quality plans, human resources, contracting and acquisition plans.
  • To facilitate the project follow-up process, we prepare a realistic schedule that includes all elements.
  • We maintain you continuously informed about the process, through periodic reports, by identifying areas that can cause potential delays and by implementing fast action measures in case of any delays.

We believe that our team, whose members have expertise in a variety of specialized fields, can prepare the ideal plan you need to create a distinct and authentic building/space in which you invest and that will provide the greatest possible return.

If you need organized and effective planning for your project and preliminary licenses to carry out the works, either for new or existing buildings, or to legalize the said works, Consult Konceptness!