Potential National Interest (PIN)

The Permanent Investor Support Committee (CPAI) has created mechanisms to support relevant investment projects that contribute to revitalizing Portugal’s economy. Projects are analyzed to determine whether they are of Potential National Interest (PIN), a prerequisite for benefiting from streamlined procedures and shorter implementation periods.

Your project may be classified as of Potential Natural Interest (PIN) based on various economic factors and on its impact in Portugal and in the region where it will be implemented.

Find out if your project may be classified as of Potential National Interest (PIN)?

Your investment project has a positive impact on economic innovation and social development in Portugal!

  • The Project Owner must be a Portuguese or foreign investor, a group of Portuguese or foreign investors, or a combination of such.
  • The project cost must be a minimum of 25 million euros.
  • The project must employ at least 50 Portuguese workers.

Why choose Konceptness to attain recognition as of Potential Natural Interest (PIN)?

With a multidisciplinary team with over 14 years of experience in the Portuguese market, Konceptness prepares all financial and technical aspects for project approval and implementation follow-up.

  • We assist in streamlining procedures involving the Permanent Investor Support Committee (CPAI);
  • We perform an initial assessment to determine approval feasibility;
  • We submit an application to the Project Follow-up System, for assessment by the Permanent Investor Support Committee (CPAI);
  • Based on Decree-Law 154/2013, of 5 November, we follow up projects deemed relevant, including projects classified as PIN “Potencial Interesse Nacional” (Potential National Interest), for which a mechanism is laid out to streamline procedures involving the Permanent Investor Support Committee (CPAI).

Why is recognition of Potential National Interest (PIN) so important for your investment?  

Note that CPAI (Permanent Investor Support Committee) reports directly to the government, thus reducing barriers in implementing investment projects of national interest and aims to create the conditions for a quick solution.

When a project is recognized as relevant for revitalizing the national economy, regardless of the respective investment value, all necessary procedures will be facilitated and simplified in interactions with all public entities involved in the process.

Additionally, and under some conditions, when the project is recognized by CPAI as being of Potential National Interest, it will be subject to attentive and continuous follow-up.

Konceptness is qualified to assist its clients in preparing, drawing up and submitting the application process, along with assistance in defining and supervising successful project implementation.

Potential National Interest (PIN)
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