PII (Interior Investment Projects)

Investment Projects for the Interior – PII – are projects of strategic importance for the dynamization of the territories of the interior of the country, due to their special value in economic, social, technological and environmental and territorial sustainability.

The recognition of Investment Projects for the Interior (PII) is obtained by means of the presentation of an application, we carry out the framing and initially verify its viability and, together with your client, we present your application.

The attribution of the status of Investment Project for the Interior (PII) to your project can be a reality, given several economic and impact factors for the country and the region where it will be implemented.

Find out if your project can obtain the recognition of Investment Projects for the Interior (PII)?

If your investment project has a positive impact on innovation in the economy and social development in Portugal!

The requirements include the analysis of the overall investment, the creation of direct jobs, the research and development (R&D) component, the innovation component, the social and environmental interest, and the production of tradable goods and services, among others (Decree Law no. 111/2018, of December 11).

Why choose Konceptness to attain recognition as of Interior Investment Project (PII)?

With our team with multidisciplinary experience in the Portuguese market of more than 14 years, Konceptness prepares all the financial and technical component for your approval and implementation follow-up.

  • We support you in the streamlining of procedures with the Permanent Commission of Investor Support (CPAI);
  • We perform an initial assessment and if conditions for approval;
  • We proceed to the application to the Project Follow-up System, for the evaluation at the Permanent Commission of Investor Support (CPAI);
  • We monitor the projects near the entaty, for which the mechanism for expediting procedures is established with the Permanent Commission for Investor Support (CPAI).

Why is obtaining the Potential National Interest (PII) recognition so important for your investment?  

CPAI reports directly to the Government reducing the obstacles encountered in the realization of investment projects of national interest with the aim of creating conditions for their rapid resolution.

By being recognized as relevant to the dynamization of the national economy, regardless of the investment amount involved, the project will have all the necessary procedures facilitated and simplified in the relationship with the public entities involved.

Additionally, and under certain conditions, the project is recognized by the CPAI for qualification with PII status, and there is constant close monitoring.

Konceptness is able to respond in a way to support its customers in the preparation, elaboration and delivery of the application process, as well as in the definition and supervision of the successful implementation of the process.

PII (Interior Investment Projects)
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