Project Compatibility Services

It is essential to prevent potential costs and delays when you start construction for your project or, at the worksite, when it is detected that elements have already been built that are not compliant with the architecture design. Your dream space was invaded by elements that you never thought about.

Project Compatibility is essential to safeguard your project from delays and, consequently, monetary losses!

In most cases, designs are prepared separately and, when there is no interaction between project designers, there is a higher risk of conflict between the various designs. Normally the problem is identified only in the work stage and requires last-minute alterations or even demolition of already built parts – masonry work, structures, installations, etc. In this scenario, time and money are spent adapting the works rather than building what was originally conceived.

How does the Konceptness Project Compatibility service prevent the said problem?

Project compatibility is one of the mechanisms to prevent design conflicts and to analyze the various designs used to construct your building. During the design stage, we check the coherence between the architectural and structural concept, and the compatibility of these concepts with technical installations, landscaping and other building aspects. This approach solves interferences in execution of the works and creates a harmonious integration between the various specialized fields.

Compatibility consists of juxtaposing all designs before starting construction and finding solutions appropriate to the building’s needs in accordance with the client’s objectives.

Why select the Konceptness Project Compatibility service?

  • Our multidisciplinary experience

To facilitate project completion and to save our clients’ precious time, Konceptness has a team of professionals with over 18 years of proven experience in a range of specialized building fields, namely in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Fire Safety and other areas.

Our team is always up to date on the latest licensing requirements, fees and any alterations in laws related with any construction field to determine when to analyze your design drawings.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology implemented at Konceptness

The Konceptness team has the advantage of integrating all projects in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) platform. Through this integrated process, we manage information about the various specialized design areas, construction and operation. We then generate a structured flow of information shared among the various participants and check for any conflicts among the specialized fields.

The objective is always to reduce costs related to time, the technical team, the team at the worksite and materials.

Try the BIM system and you will certainly feel the difference!

Project Compatibility Services
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