Traffic Studies

Traffic or traffic impact studies determine the best solutions for vehicle traffic, parking and pedestrian traffic for relatively large commercial projects, parks, administrative buildings, industry, schools, hospitals and other complexes that manage substantial traffic.

In recent decades, urban planning and management focused on automobile traffic, which consequently increased demand for and utilization of automobiles. Over time this concept was proven to be jeopardizing the quality of life in cities and the health of their inhabitants.

Currently, there are urban and mobility management studies, associated to the improvement of public and private spaces, aiming for better coordination of traffic needs in cities.

This study discloses a new complex’s impacts on the surrounding road system.

It is mandatory to submit traffic studies for information requests, prior notifications, licensing and utilization alterations.

Konceptness performs traffic studies in Portugal. Our traffic impact studies consist of an analysis of various components associated to your facilities and surrounding streets.

Through this study, Konceptness assesses traffic risks associated to your facilities, the levels of accessibility to the location, the capacity of surrounding streets and parking areas, and loading and unloading operations through descriptions and by gathering the following information:

  • Survey of data regarding front and rear streets and existing road signs as part of the traffic code;
  • Analysis of various aspects related directly with implementation of the building’s exterior area;
  • Traffic counts;
  • Description of the currently available public transport system;
  • Estimated traffic generated by the building;
  • Evaluation of the impact on traffic on the surrounding road network, justification;
  • Detected problems and respective solutions. Situations of legal non-compliance and compensatory actions;
  • The parking supply/demand ratio.

Traffic Studies
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