For over 30 years society has sought to attain a balance between ecological development and environmental protection in harmony with social well-being, a balance that was called sustainability. In this quest, it has been crucial to create political and economic mechanisms to serve as guidelines for new economic models. The different industrial, commercial and service sectors must be consciously aware of the impact generated by activities from the time they were created.

Why is Konceptness the ideal environmental services partner for creating the project you always dreamed of?

Konceptness is a company specialized in Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Licensing, Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE) and other specialized fields for construction/buildings. We carry out various types of projects with the highest quality to always guarantee client satisfaction. We have over 10 years of proven experience in the market. During that period, we understood the importance of including environmental services, which are essential for developing an industrial, commercial, residential or other project.

Currently, to facilitate operations and to save our clients’ precious time, we have added environmental services to our service portfolio so that we may offer all specialized fields for your project at only one place! Konceptness!

Our team is always up to date on the latest environmental requirements and needs for construction projects. Clients can relax and let us handle the entire process. We prepare all requirements, submit documents, follow-up the issuing of licenses and legal obligations necessary for achieving the final goal.

What Environmental services does Konceptness provide?

Konceptness offers a range of services to follow up the birth and growth of your investment. We provide basic and essential services for any company, which may be requested separately or in combination:

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plans (PPGRCD);
  • Environmental Consulting;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Single Environmental Licensing (LUA).

How do the Konceptness Environmental services support your project’s entire lifecycle?

  • Before Construction

Through Environmental Consulting, we provide sustainable solutions to reduce your project’s costs. If you are planning an industrial project with special characteristics, Consult Konceptness! It may be legally required to prepare the Single Environmental Licensing (LUA) before starting construction!

  • During Construction

We understand that costs related with Construction and Demolition Waste (RCD) are remarkably high! That is why, through our Construction and Demolition Waste Prevention and Management Plan (PPGRCD), we can prevent material waste and thus achieve the best cost management result. Also, during construction, we may follow up your project’s development through the Environmental Consultancy service.

  • After Construction

Depending on your built industrial project, you may need the Single Environmental Licensing (LUA) before obtaining a utilization license!

For commercial and industrial activities in the implementation stage, we provide solutions to implement policies and mechanisms such as Environmental Management to foster your organization’s good practices.

Environmental Responsibility of Konceptness

In an increasingly more vulnerable society, it is essential to develop very versatile and resilient projects capable of adapting to circumstances. We need industries that can penetrate an economy in which new rules are being applied to quickly achieve a perfect balance, Sustainability.

Did you know that including principles of Sustainability not only have a positive impact on our environment! But also on persons and on costs over time, How?

At Konceptness, the following three pillars of sustainability are part of our Environmental services:

  • Social: We do everything you need to guarantee the protection and safety of employees at the worksite. Similarly, we guarantee comfort at the constructed building/space with a healthy environment for working, leisure or living.
  • Economic: We attain a balance between the commercial performance, utility and comfort of your property. We provide realistic solutions adjusted to costs, needs and tastes of our clients and with the highest possible return.
  • Environmental: To achieve the ideal situation for our clients and for the environment, our team of technicians create solutions with flexible technology to minimize energy and water consumption, to apply worksite waste management plans and to implement renewable energy systems.

Managing all these aspects is truly a challenge! Without professional assistance, the work would become incredibly disorganized! Resulting in lost time and, consequently, wasted money! Konceptness is always by your side. We offer the various environmental services in combination with our other services so that you may successfully complete your entire project at one place!