Environmental Licensing

The Single Environmental Licensing (LUA) regime provided for in Decree-Law n.º 75/2015, of 11 May, with its most recent amendment corresponding to Decree-Law n.º 11/2023 of 10 February, was designed to simplify, harmonise and articulate the various licensing regimes in the environmental field.

Through the LUA, a Single Environmental Title (TUA) is issued, which aggregates all licensing decisions in the environmental field, condensing all information relating to environmental requirements applicable to the establishment, activity or project. Such as AIA, IPPC, REAR, among others..

Within LUA, we highlight the following legal regimes or circumstances in the environmental domain where Konceptness can be an ally:

  • Legal Regime of Environmental Impact Assessment – RJAIA
  • Legal Regime of Integrated Pollution Prevention an Control – RJPCIP
  • Legal Regime of the Prevention and Control of the Emissions of Polluants for the Air – REAR
  • Water Resources Use Permit – TURH
  • Water Production for Reuse Regime – APR
  • General Waste Management Regime – RGGR

The result of the LUA process is the issuing of the Single Environmental Title (TUA) by the respective coordinating entity. This title establishes all the decisions and conditions under the applicable legal terms.

LUA is articulated with other licensing schemes for economic activity, as in the case of the Responsible Industry System (SIR), when environmental licensing applications are involved in the licensing of industrial establishments.

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) and the Commissions for Coordination and Regional Development (CCDR), participate in the process as licensing entities in the environmental field, being responsible for issuing licensing decisions or environmnetal prior control to be entered in the TUA and promoting the performance of inspections and technical visits

Konceptness supports the instruction/mediation of the process with the licensing entities, ensuring the success of the intended licensing.