Environmental Management

Every day there are more companies adopting environmental management mechanisms to operate in more competitive markets, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the sector in which they operate.

Environmental Management is a tool to control human impacts and human interaction with the environment.

What is the objective of Environmental Management?

Environmental management analyzes and plans strategies to reduce impacts on ecosystems and thereby creates a balance between the environment and society.

It is imperative that companies be aware of their environmental impact. Environmental management fosters the use of administrative and corporate practices and methods designed to minimize the environmental impacts of economic activities on nature’s resources.

Various instruments and practices are available to companies in the private and public sectors which may be voluntarily used to ensure better environmental performance by organizations.

A series of technical standards (ISO 14001), which may be consulted by any company, are available to guarantee compliance with regulatory provisions, namely the EU Ecomanagement Auditing System (EMAS).

5 reasons for your company to have an Environmental Management Plan

1. Helps to develop the company’s spirit of social responsibility;

2. Associates the company’s image to environmental protection;

3. Differentiates the company from the competition;

4. Reduces the company’s in-house costs by preventing waste and reutilizing existing materials;

5. Enables the company to improve commercial relations with other companies that also implement the principle of environmental management and sustainability.

Konceptness provides a range of services to assist organizations in solving a number of environmental management problems and challenges by preparing an environmental management plan.  

Defining strategic plans, including identifying and forecasting environmental impacts, preparing the proposed measures that prevent, minimize or compensate for those effects and the respective post-evaluation are only some of this service’s tasks.

We also provide environmental management consultancy, click here for further information.