Implementing the ATEX Directive


Current legislation calls for implementing protection and prevention measures of a technical and organizational nature to avoid the creation of explosive atmospheres, deflagration of an explosion and its spreading – Directive ATEX.

A potentially explosive environment is regarded as any atmosphere susceptible of becoming explosive consequent to local operating conditions.

To prevent and avoid this type of atmosphere and the consequent possibility of deflagration and spreading of an explosion, Konceptness analyzes and implements the necessary solutions, in accordance with Directive ATEX — framework legislation for anti-explosion protection and prevention measures of a technical and organizational nature. In addition to analyzing the atmosphere, our team of specialized technicians prepares the Explosion Protection Manual and implements the required technical and organizational measures for protection and prevention of environments that may create explosive atmospheres in your project.

“Explosive Atmospheres” are understood as atmospheres consisting of mixtures of air with inflammable substances (gases, vapors, mists or dusts) in which, after ignition, combustion spreads throughout the entire unburned mixture.

Decree-Law no. 236/2003 of 30 September, which transposes Directive no. 1999/92/CE of 16 December, better known as “Directive ATEX”, specifies the rules for protecting workers against risks of exposure to explosive atmospheres and the penalties arising from non-compliance.

An explosion may have catastrophic consequences for humans, property and even for the continuity of activities, causing irreparable damages to the physical integrity and health of workers, and may also imply loss of lives.

Konceptness is specialized in Consultancy, Design, Reconversion and Maintenance of solutions in commercial, industrial and service buildings. It is qualified to support you in analyzing and implementing the most appropriate response to legal requirements for your specific case and has specialized technicians to prepare the Explosion Protection Manual and to implement technical protection and prevention measures in areas where explosive atmospheres may be formed.

Avoid explosions!

Implementing the ATEX Directive
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