Interior Design

Interior design consists of various visual techniques of creating and decorating a space, reflecting the wishes and personality of our clients. The resulting ambience conveys your tastes, your preferences and your needs through colors, textures, shapes and other features.

Often misunderstood as interior decoration, which merely focuses on aesthetics and decoration of the ambience, the interior design project, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, also involves structural planning of spaces.

We prepare interior design projects for commercial, industrial and residential areas. The final concept is based on the space’s functionality and innovative and efficient solutions and ideas best adapted to each area.

We believe that small details make the difference by creating a distinct space with the greatest possible return.


Why choose Interior Design by Konceptness?

  • We create distinct interior designs, focused on aesthetics, functionality and the space’s harmony, transforming the space into a medium for your personal well-being adapted to the space’s activities and functions.
  • Coherence and balance are our architects’ main concerns when designing your project. We prepare interior designs suitable to the different spaces, through the desired functional organization.
  • Our team has over 10 years of experience in this field, and we always remain up to date on the latest trends in colors, materials and shapes of interior design furniture.

Whereas a residential space features a more personal and customizable touch, in the commercial sector, interior decoration design tends to be an extension of a brand concept reaching out to a specific target public.

We focus on how you experience your space.


How do we prepare an Interior Design project to create a genuine space for our clients?

After analyzing what exists in the building and respective needs, followed by an interior decoration consultancy meeting with our clients, we create a unique concept adapted to the client’s requirements and objectives. We present the interior design to the client through 3D images, explain the design concept and use a moodboard with a compilation of the elements to be applied. This method enables the client to see the general aspect of his/her space. We create a design from scratch until its execution, whether for a new space or an already existing space. Our team is ready to remodel interior spaces and to select or create furniture to your liking.