Interior Detail Drawings

A harmonious and coherent space transmits a sensation of comfort in your life. The interior in which you spend time must reflect a space conceived for its function, an appealing space with a clean finish, since our perception of spatiality affects our day-to-day life and may change our mood.

At KONCEPTNESS we prepare interior detail drawings for your spaces – whether for residential, commercial, office or other purposes – and give the design a personalized touch. Details make all the difference in achieving a space suited to your taste. To this end, we create an interior space for your home or investment that is distinct, authentic and provides the greatest possible return.

After creating a concept for your space and having completed the base project, we prepare an interior detail drawing that, as the name indicates, serves as the blueprint for carrying out the final work, for creating the desired image.

The interior detail drawing explains all the parts to be used for building your space, such as walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, furniture, etc., and consists of two parts:

  • Detail drawings include the layouts, elevations, cross-sections and other details.
  • The bill of quantities includes a description indicating specifications and measurements for a project and is used to request quotations and to help the client compare prices and make decisions.

Our interior detail drawings specify the materials, color scheme, type, thickness, cutting and fitting of materials and respective references, in addition to showing all construction details necessary for carrying out the works. This process includes all specifications and materials necessary at the worksite and for proper implementation of the design.

At KONCEPTNESS we use our experience and market knowledge to prepare interior detail drawings through creative and practical solutions.