Licensing of Health and Leisure Facilities

The Health Regulatory Entity – ERS is responsible for supervising activities of healthcare establishments, from the time they open, any modifications and respective operation. These activities are subject to the simplified licensing procedure through a mere prior notification, in accordance with Decree-Law no. 126/2014, of 22 August.

Konceptness guarantees the success of  the entire process to obtain the license and authorizations, in addition to the necessary assessments by ERS in compliance with applicable legislation.

Our services range from preparing process documents, managing alterations and any updates for the activities listed below:

  • Private health units;
  • Dental clinics and offices;
  • Medical clinics and offices;
  • Nursing centers;
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation units;
  • Radiology units.

Konceptness is the ideal partner for quickly obtaining the necessary licenses for private health units, through comprehensive follow-up management of the entire process at competent entities.

Licensing of Health and Leisure Facilities
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