Industrial Licensing

An industrial license (non-official name) is regulated by Decree-Law no. 169/2012, of 1 August, amended by Decree-Law no. 73/2015, of 11 May, whereby adjustments were made within a context of approval through a Single Environmental Licensing Regime (LUA).

Industrial licensing may, in summary, be described as all measures promoting a company’s sustainable economic development and social responsibility.

Industrial activities are strictly governed by the Responsible Industry System (SIR), which fosters the prevention of risks, safeguards public health, worker safety and environmental quality according to appropriate land use planning.

An industrial license is required for the installation, alteration and operation of industrial establishments in all business activities, which are assigned Portuguese Economic Activity Classification codes (CAE) according to the respective segment, as stipulated in Annex I of Decree Law no. 73/2015. It is worth noting that there are various types of licenses, either type 1, 2 or 3, according to the industry’s respective characteristics.

This new legal framework covers the industrial sector and aims to foster investment, create new projects, and diminish bureaucratic hurdles and preliminary controls. Nevertheless, the policy introduces stricter control and follow-up mechanisms of entities that supervise the procedure.

Various coordination entities are responsible for this type of licensing, which varies according to the applicant company’s business classification.

Konceptness assists and follows up companies in implementing and updating their industrial license.

We guarantee that your company will quickly and effectively obtain the necessary industrial operating licenses. Our team, with over 10 years of experience in industrial licensing processes, analyses the industrial unit’s situation, detects the respective licensing or update requirements and quickly implements any alterations for trouble-free industrial operations.

Industrial Licensing
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