Setting Up a Horizontal Property (Condominium)

A building is considered Horizontal Property when it is divided into autonomous units, namely apartments or floors and garages, provided they are individually registered and have their own exit to a common building area or to the street. Therefore, a mere garage parking spot, the type that is marked out on the floor with painted lines, is not an autonomous unit, although its use may be reserved for a specific autonomous unit.

What are the advantages of Horizontal Property?

Transforming a single property into a horizontal property makes it possible to divide the building into autonomous units, with the following immediate advantages:

  1. Lower municipal property tax (IMI) (the larger the combined unit, the higher the tax rate on the property value);
  2. Freedom to sell or rent that unit at any time.

Setting Up a Horizontal Property:

Property owners must first obtain information at the respective town council and request a declaration proving that the unit can be transformed into a horizontal property (autonomous) and that it meets all legal requirements.

Services provided by Konceptness for setting up a Horizontal Property:

  • We check whether the property fulfils the valid prerequisites at the respective town council;
  • We advise on whether it is necessary and easy to make the necessary physical alterations to the building, when such is necessary to fulfil legal requirements;
  • We handle the procedure at the entity;
  • We obtain all documentation at the entity to perform the registration at the Institute of Registration and Notary Affairs.

Setting Up a Horizontal Property (Condominium)
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