Zero (Simplified) Portuguese License

Zero licensing is an initiative that was born within the framework of the Simplex Programme, in accordance with Decree Law no. 48/2011, of 1 May, and Ministerial Order no. 239/2011, of 21 June, which aims to dematerialise administrative processes related to the licensing of certain economic activities, as well as the way in which citizens and companies interact with public entities.

Zero licensing makes it possible to speed up the processes of opening, modifying and closing certain businesses by reducing the bureaucratic and administrative burden. Thanks to the elimination of necessary opinions, authorisations, licences and inspections. This initiative implies reinforced supervision of economic agents and their businesses at a later stage.

The aim of the Zero Licensing initiative is to increase the country’s competitiveness by simplifying the processes for setting up, modifying and closing down catering or drinking establishments, those that trade in goods, provide services or store goods, through authorisation from the respective town hall.

At the same time and in the same way, the licences previously required for various practices, such as the placement of information supports, advertising messages, awnings and terraces, among others, are also simplified through prior notification.

This way, once all the formalities have been completed at the town hall, companies can start their activity more quickly by filling in a declaration (mere prior communication). It’s important to note that zero licensing does not exempt the investor from complying with all applicable legislation, such as permits compatible with the activity to be licensed.

This initiative allows companies to carry out the following processes, among others:

  •  Open different types of commercial and service facilities;
  •  Close establishments;
  •  Alter operating hours;
  •  Install equipment in public spaces.

This is an ambitious initiative that simplifies processes for different commercial activities and involves several central government bodies.

In order to guarantee zero licensing and success during inspections, Konceptness is at your disposal to handle the entire process, taking care of all the necessary procedures for this type of licensing.

Zero (Simplified) Portuguese License
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