Project Services

Work is very intense in the construction stage, since it involves a range of suppliers, workers and specialized fields. The large number of suppliers involved in a construction project makes compliance with the stipulated schedule particularly challenging. Often, a delay in the delivery of materials or equipment prevents your project from being completed within the stipulated period and budget.

Has your project come to a standstill?

Konceptness offers project services to check and analyze the situation at your works to identify problems and to find solutions tailored to your needs. It then examines various options to improve the technical approach to be implemented.

Our team of specialized technicians streamlines the process, analyzes costs, reduces risks and increases quality to ensure that your project is completed within the stipulated deadline and budget.

How do Konceptness services lead to fulfilment of our clients’ objectives?

Our commitment to all our clients is to provide the various essential assistance services for all construction stages: Architecture, Engineering, Fire Safety Audits or Worksite Supervision, all of this at only one place! Konceptness. Our team of specialists does this with total dedication and maximum attention to detail. Our project services include the following aspects:

  • We can act as the client representative at the worksite, monitoring all tasks necessary for completion, ranging from worksite supervision, fulfilment of schedules and general project control.
  • The project control service involves developing personalized programs and schedules adapted to each project. We prepare realistic planning used as a reference for the respective specialized fields and which functions as a coordination tool to achieve the best result and to minimize any disruptions.
  • Your project is not progressing as planned! Through the construction planning service, we perform an accurate evaluation, identify faults, provide practical solutions to overcome obstacles and guarantee that your project is under full control.
  • The construction supervision and management service is essential for monitoring your project’s status and to guarantee quality, deadlines, costs and compliance through on-site visits. As part of this service, we submit regular and precise reports about the project status, assistance in making informed decisions, compliance with local regulations, detection of problems and evaluation of technical solutions.