Owner Representation

Project preparation involves various specialized fields that must work in an orchestrated manner to obtain the best result. It is a complex task to control and monitor all the different stages of designing, licensing, requesting quotations, executing the work and monitoring the construction process. That is why Konceptness is by your side during all stages to make your dream a reality! We offer a Client Representation service based on our proven experience in building processes!

What does the Konceptness Client Representation service offer?

We can act as your representative from the beginning until completion of the works, coordinating all the necessary tasks for completion. These tasks cover the stages of design, supervision of the design, compliance with the schedule and general project control, which significantly reduces risks and costs, until completion of the final construction drawings.

  • We check the construction’s compliance and define all licensing and execution projects, in real time and at the worksite, always ensuring that the project designers, contractors, works director, and the works owner (client) remain responsible for their actions and always focused on quality of the result.
  • We manage communications and meetings between work execution members, selected suppliers, execution team or teams, and the availability or use of resources.
  • We make objective decisions about project development according to our client’s policies and practices.
  • We will update you on the project execution process through periodic reports and identify areas that may cause potential delays, after which we will quickly implement action measures when any delays occur.

Why Client Representation by Konceptness?

With our 18 years of proven experience in building construction, we can save your precious time!

We are committed to all our clients to provide the various essential services to ensure successful completion of a building/space: Architecture, Engineering, Licensing, Consultancy, Fire Safety (SCIE) or Supervision during the Works stage, which can all be obtained in one place! Konceptness. Our multidisciplinary team does that effectively, with utmost attention to detail, so that the design of buildings and their surroundings contribute to successful growth and development while maximizing the return.

If you need organized and effective monitoring of your project and preliminary licenses to carry out the works, either for new or existing buildings, or to legalize the said works, consult Konceptness!