Final Construction Documentation

Design alterations are made during construction consequent to on-site constraints that may arise during the works. Various work tasks for your project may have been altered: the design of some parts, materials, equipment, etc. Consequently, when your project has been completed, the final construction documentation is a fundamental document for disclosing the information specified in the design or the real situation.

Konceptness provides the service of preparing the entire Final Construction Documentation at completion of the works. With proven experience in construction, works, supervision and final construction drawings for all specialized fields, our multidisciplinary team will produce top quality and highly detailed Final Construction Documentation after completion of the works that is complete, up to date, organized and precise.

In the future, if you need to alter any aspect of your building/space, this final construction documentation will always be ready for use!

What does the Konceptness final construction documentation include?

The final construction documentation includes:

  • Final construction drawings for all specialized works: Architecture, Structure, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Water Systems, Fire Safety (SCIE), etc. A lack of final construction drawings, or when they are not updated, will require surveying the existing space in detail.
  • All information about all companies, participating suppliers, user manuals for installations and technical catalogues of the equipment and materials applied at the works.
  • The project’s final quantities and cost, according to the estimated final payment and comparative chart of proposed quantities and constructed quantities.
  • Inspection and maintenance recommendations that must be considered in the future.

Final Construction Documentation
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