Project Revision

Project revision and verification by Konceptness guarantees that your project complies with all relevant operational, safety and environmental standards.

Whatever the sector in which you operate, your product or facilities need to comply with various requirements. Our project revision and verification services guarantee that your project is compliant with all the sector’s relevant standards and meets safety, operational and environmental standards.

Why rely on Konceptness project revision and verification?

Our project revision and verification services are performed by a highly qualified and dedicated team that will help you to:

  • Verify the project and its products or facilities through a broad revision of specifications, reports, calculations and drawings;
  • Test the hypotheses, project methods and engineering approaches;
  • Ensure that the facilities are designed according to required standards, criteria and design and safety legislation;
  • Ensure that all participants in the project stage follow the same specifications and rules.

Reliable project revision and verification by one of the main suppliers

As a reliable supplier for verification, inspection and technical tests, we offer recognition, technical expertise and experience.

Our project revision and verification services include:

  • Revision of specifications and facilities
  • Evaluation and risk analysis
  • Technical due diligence
  • Verification of control and automation systems
  • Verification of electrical systems
  • Verification of the simulation of the project process, calculations and drawings
  • Verification of the structural and geotechnical design

Project Revision
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