Training Services

Konceptness has its head office in Lisbon, Portugal, and is specialized in Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Licensing and Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE). We have proven experience in construction-related projects, and we offer various top-quality services to always ensure client satisfaction.

We have over 9 years of experience in teaching courses on Fire Safety in Buildings at companies in all sectors. In 2019 we celebrated our 10th anniversary! At which time we decided to share more of our experience in harmony with the Konceptness objective of taking care of persons, buildings and the environment.

Our aim is to help construction professionals become better qualified and to continue assisting companies in all of Portugal’s sectors to maintain compliance with applicable legislation!

Konceptness provides essential assistance through training in the two following areas:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Courses

In Architecture and Civil Engineering, we collaborate with the best experts to create practical training courses giving trainees a better understanding of BIM technology and teaching them to use one of the BIM-related digital tools, Revit software.

Where! At our facilities in Telheiras, Lisbon, Portugal

The process to approve and apply BIM is growing worldwide. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the system that gathers all information about a building and renders this information compatible at any given moment. The BIM system enables all departments and even the very client to control costs, shapes, materials, lighting, quantities, timings and other aspects.

  • Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE) Courses

Our training teams prepare personalized programs tailored to your organization. The client also has the option of choosing the training location, either at your company or at our facilities. We have four training courses designed exclusively for Fire Safety and Prevention at your worksite.

Where! At your company anywhere in Portugal or at our facilities in Lisbon!

At Konceptness we believe that prevention is the key to a safe environment. No catastrophe has a more disruptive and destructive impact on a company than fire. Employers are responsible for taking all measures to guarantee the protection and well-being of their personnel.

What Courses does Konceptness have available?

Our professional teams are qualified to teach any of the four courses, which we believe to be essential for your company:

  • First Aid Awareness Training

As stipulated in Decree Law no. 102/2009 of 10 September, as part of safety and health at work, the employer must ensure, based on the company’s size, that there are sufficient employees qualified to provide Basic Life Support until arrival of external emergency services. Konceptness will qualify your personnel for that purpose through merely eight hours of training.

  • Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE) Awareness Course

The Fire Safety in Buildings Awareness Course, taught to all personnel, is the first step in implementing a safety plan. Konceptness has extensive experience in this field and guarantees that at the end of the course, of at least 1.5 hours, your personnel will be familiar with the elements necessary for combustion, how to extinguish a source of fire by eliminating one of the four combustion elements, among other essential aspects.

  • Training of Teams for Fire Safety in Buildings (SCIE)

Organized and prepared safety teams are crucial for safe evacuation and effective intervention to extinguish the source of a fire.  Konceptness, through its training, of at least 1.5 hours, guarantees that your personnel will become familiar with the necessary procedures in case of an event, whether it be fire, flooding, bomb threats, etc., to guarantee the lowest possible physical impact at your company.

  • Initial intervention Training

Initial intervention training teaches your personnel how to act in case of fires and to use the fire safety equipment available at your company.  Konceptness has qualified personnel to ensure that a 4-hour course will teach your employees to use extinguishers, to identify the various types of fire and how to use proper extinguishing means for each type of fire.

Why are Courses on Fire Safety in Buildings so important in Portugal?

Mandatory by law, self-protection measures required for any building or enclosure are covered by several manuals whose complexity depends on their characteristics. These measures consist of safety organization and management procedures and have two main purposes: to guarantee that the project’s safety conditions are maintained; and to guarantee a minimum emergency response structure. There are three main types of self-protection measures, one of which is “Prevention Measures” that include prevention procedures or prevention plans, fire safety training and fire drills. Training courses are for all employees and personnel of companies operating in the building. There is also specific training for persons who deal with situations of higher fire risk or that belong to the safety organization teams. Fire drills are meant to test the in-house emergency plan and to train occupants.

Why choose Konceptness?

The Konceptness technical team has proven experience in teaching the said courses and is always up to date and qualified to meet your company’s special needs.

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