Konceptness, formed by a multidisciplinary team, develops several services in the area of urbanism, integrated with architecture, engineering and environmental works. Our projects assume a distinctive urbanistic approach, using mechanisms that identify and mitigate possible constraints for the investor, in order to materialize projects of urban scale, enhancing experiences and investment.

Why choose Konceptness for your project team?

  • We carry out the necessary technical studies that assure the best position for the implementation of your business and your investment, sustained through the legally applicable urbanistic parameters;
  • We enhance the urbanistic solutions according to the guidelines of each business, with creativity, functionality and economically viable;
  • We prioritize urban integration, adapting the projects to any type of function and user, in an adapted and sustainable way.

Within the urbanism services, we highlight:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Land Division Processes
  • Urban Execution Units
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Property Structuring

Konceptness seeks the best urban solutions, through its large multidisciplinary team, which implements and works on functional, sustainable, economical and durable solutions, with a contemporary and differentiating architectural language.

Talk to us to analyze what will be the best procedure to be done for your land, count on us!